How to Choose Your Wedding Music

How to Choose Your Wedding Music

One of the most important elements in any wedding is the selection of music. This can entail not only choosing an appropriate band or D.J. for the reception but also any pre-recorded tracks you might want to play during band breaks or for special dances like waltzes and/or ethnic music dances.

Many couples these days also have a soloist or a string quartet at the actual ceremony if they can afford it. A soloist in these situations is usually a violinist or whoever is playing the church organ or piano. A string quartet can provide wedding music at the chapel or church but the cost could be prohibitive for young couples on a budget. Many higher tier weddings these days feature vocal ensembles singing a mixture of classical and light, romantic pop favorites that the couple chooses.

Choosing a band for your wedding music is incredibly important and the right choice will do a lot to determine whether the reception is memorable or not. A dull band or one that is too loud or just plain not very good can ruin that special day. You definitely want to choose a band with experience that will make people come out on the floor and dance. The front person has to be a great communicator and really connect with the reception guests. The best wedding music bands have a very dynamic singer or two that can really connect with the crowd and get everyone up and moving. The more dancing that there is will mean a more memorable and enjoyable an event for your guests. You can find great wedding music soloists, bands, and D.J.s at For a small fee you can go online and see dozens of great artists in your area who will bid on your wedding.

A great D.J. can also make for a wonderful reception and is usually much more affordable and definitely more versatile than a band since the selection of music is always a lot greater in sheer volume of songs. A young couple can also select songs that they want to hear and can actually pre-plan the entire eveningís worth of music for their reception, though it is not recommended. You want the D.J. to feel that he is also instrumental in picking the wedding music for that special day. If you collaborate with him or her you can get an exciting array of wedding music that will put your personal stamp on it as well as the D.J.ís.

Soloists are another matter and you can also find those at Pick an instrument that you love to hear first. If you donít like violins you can hire a piano or guitar musician to softly entertain wedding guests at the chapel or church ceremony or on the steps of the courthouse.

Whichever type of wedding music that you choose, make sure that it is perfect because this is one event that you will want to remember for the rest of your life. You want your guests to be gushing over what a great time they had at your reception.