Wedding invitation designs

Wedding invitation designs

It is important that your wedding invitations are easy to read. Bear in mind that good design emphasises clarity. While something may look wonderful and decorative, it may be difficult to read. Wedding invitations often contain difficult to read cursive fonts printed on decorative paper. This can make things difficult for your guests, and can detract from the overall look of your invitations.

Instead, look for ways to simplify your invitations while still keeping them attractive. One popular method is to use an overlay. Print the text of your invitation on one piece of paper that is cream or neutral in tone. Then, overlay a decorative piece of paper over the top. This piece of paper can be marbled, or embossed, or may contain a cutout. This way, you will still get to keep the creativity and beauty of your design, but it will still be easy for your guests to read.

Another option for those who want to avoid using overlays is to make the most of your border. Keep the text inside your invitation very clean and simple, and then use embossing or decoration on the margins of the invitation. You can also tie ribbons or other small decorations on to the invitation without interrupting the text.

Another option for your wedding invitation designs is to print your text on a white piece of card, and then glue this piece of card on to a decorative background. This creates a lovely two-tone effect that looks effortful while still being easy to read. This is quite a popular option and can look lovely when done well. Opt for pieces of card that either contrast strongly, or that are similar in theme. For example, white on yellow can look lovely, as can white on a shimmering mother of pearl colored background.

Wedding invitation stationery can be designed for you, or can also be purchased from specialist stationery shops. Often the people in these shops are experts about how particular papers and designs work together. They will be able to give you some tips about effective and attractive styles and fonts. You can also ask them about an effective way to format your design, as well as whether there are any matching accessories, such as envelopes and stamps, that they might recommend for your wedding. They might also be able to recommend a particular color or type of ink that will work well with your chosen design. Some inks fade or smudge easily, while others won’t contrast especially well. If you can get an expert’s advice with regard to this, then do.

When designing your wedding invitations, don’t forget essential components such as RSVP slips and envelopes that your guests can use to return these. Ensuring that these are matched to the look of your invitations can really make the whole theme cohere.

When considering wedding invitation designs, the two main things to think about are the theme of your wedding, and the clarity of your design. You want your invitations to reflect your plans for the wedding, but to also be easy to read. Keep these two tips in mind, and your wedding invitations will look lovely.